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Welcome to Avant-Garde Education. Avant-Garde Education is a blog about education or more precisely about the metamorphosis that education is currently undergoing. Third revolution after the invention of writing systems (alphabets) and the printing press, technology is radically changing the way we acquire knowledge and the way we perceive schools, teachers, learners and our whole education system.

It is about time we pause and think: what are we teaching? How are we teaching? Who are we teaching for? What tools we are using? Is content as important as it used to be? If not, what new skills do we need to teach? I hate the expression “21st century skills” (we are after all well into the 21st century), but a lot of educational organisations (https://globaldigitalcitizen.org among others) have thought hard about the impact of technology and came up with a list of “essential skills” that we need to teach if we want our pupils/students to be successful in their future career (whatever this career might be). This list of “soft skills” is a good starting point, but not an end in itself (this topic is further developed in the Skills section of this blog).

Teachers’ lives are extremely busy, but I hope this blog will help us think about education, the way we teach, what we teach and how we teach and how we can have a positive impact on our learners’ global citizenship.

Thank you and enjoy your visit!

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