My name is David Quéva and I am passionate about learning, teaching and technology. Over the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to teach French (my main subject), German, Spanish and Theory of Knowledge in various state schools and/or international schools in Europe.

Being a native speaker of French and having lived many years in France, I know the French education system quite well. Having lived in England for about 15 years, I also know the English education system quite well: I qualified as a secondary French and German teacher from King’s College London in 2002 (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) and started teaching German and Spanish at GCSE and French at GCSE and A-level in Hammersmith.

I later decided to go for a more international career and moved to Berlin, Germany where I taught French (Grades 6 to 12), Theory of Knowledge (Grades 11 and 12), became Head of Theory of Knowledge and Personal Project Coordinator. I then moved to Vienna, Austria where I was Second in Charge for the Romance Languages Department and taught French (Grades 6 to 10) as well as Theory of Knowledge (Grades 11 and 12); I also assumed the role of Extended Essay Coordinator.

I am currently teaching in an international school in Luxembourg: I am teaching French and German in the Upper School.



This blog is mainly about technology and technology integration in education. I am looking at the impact of technology on teaching and learning (or rather learning and teaching) and the way(s) we can harness the power of technology to help develop skills like solution fluency, creativity fluency, collaboration fluency, media fluency and information fluency.


Over the last few years, I have developed revision pages for my own students on Weebly. Feel free to have a look at the webpages below and feel free to share them if you think your students might find them useful.

  • French: 

Grade 6: http://davidqueva.weebly.com/grade-6-differentiation.html

Grade 7: http://davidqueva.weebly.com/grade-7-differentiation.html

Grade 8: http://davidqueva.weebly.com/grade-8-differentiation.html

Grade 9: http://davidqueva.weebly.com/grade-9-differentiation.html

Grade 10: http://davidqueva.weebly.com/grade-10-differentiation.html

  • Spanish:




I am also passionate about literature and creative writing and did my MA in Creative Writing with Birkbeck College, London University. Below are some of my publications.

  • “The Tree of the Dead”, Mechanics’ Institute Review: Issue 6. London: MA Creative Writing, 2009.
  • “Maufé”, Mechanics’ Institute Review: Issue 7. London: MA Creative Writing, 2010.
  • “Le Vomisseur d’Histoires”, L’Encrier Renversé: Issue 64. Chartres, 2011.
  • Study Leave Workbook for AS Edexcel French. London: ZigZag Education, 2012.